English 090 Essay #3

Comparison and Contrast Writing




Important Dates

Friday, October 7—hand out Essay #3 guidelines; prewriting in class

Monday, October 10-Tuesday, October 11—conferences; two sources due

Wednesday, October 12—outline and sources due in class

Monday, October 17— rough draft due (bring two copies for peer review workshop)

Friday, October 21—final draft due



For your comparison and contrast paper, please choose one of the following topics about which to write. You will write a paper that discusses the similarities and differences between these two things, and you will then reach a conclusion about them (for example, which is stronger, better, etc.). You will also need to find two different sources to support your ideas here—one source for each person or issue.




A well-developed paper will possess all of the following elements:                     


Your final draft must be turned in with a folder on Friday, October 21. This folder should contain your prewriting, outline, two sources, rough drafts, peer review questions, and final draft. No late papers will be accepted.